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Jeralyn, Graduatedd,
Oh shit she’s pissed, better ignore her for a few hours and make her even angrier

Like every fucking guy I swear to god (via paralacking)

Always go after her. No matter how mad she seems. She loves you more than words can tell.



I’m trying to get dicked down. Like all in my stomach, pounding guts type dicked down. Hot, sweaty, I’m calling you “daddy” type shit. Choking me while you slow stroking dicked down. Hitting in front the back, slapping my ass, thumb in the butt type dicked down. I’m not trying to make love, I’m trying to fuck type shit.

One day, you’ll feel empty while pursuing your goals or your dreams. On those days, just remember the warmth of the people who encouraged you and believed in you. Surely, you’ll be able to keep pushing forward no matter what.

Sometimes, the only reason why you won’t let go of what’s making you sad is because it was the only thing that made you happy.

Stuck between wanting rough sex and sweet sensual cuddles.

(via v-ogued)

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